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About Me

I'm Simon Leslie. I build web sites, create content and direct traffic on the information superhighway.

Who I am

I'm an in-house web developer in Christchurch. I also create white label web sites, create compelling content and produce Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) campaigns for SMEs.

My mission

To build sites and populate them with content to Capture, Compel and Convert. Sites that Capture a visitor’s imagination and intrigue. Content to Compel visitors to stay, share and return. Digital assest that Convert visitors into customers.

What I do

I'm an all-round web guy (designer, developer, SEO, marketer, project manager) perpetual builder.
An agency of one.

I love my clients

I won't work with just anyone. Get in touch and see if we're compatible. Let's see if we can create something compelling together.

My Services

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Web Development.


Web Design.


Digital Strategy.


Search Engine Optimisation.

My Portfolio

Handcrafted and pixel perfect.

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Get in touch. Let's see if we can create something compelling together.

Christchurch, NZ
021 272 1483
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